Customer: Karksruher Service Research Institute (KSRI) and IBM DACH
Duration: 05.2019 - 06.2020
Focus: Fostering the collaboration and cooperation of industry stakeholder and the KSRI (KIT research institute)

KSRI Industry Brunch

Envisioned and created human-centered formats which enable knowledge transfer, inspiration, and one-on-one partnerships by using human-centered design methods. Prototyped, established, and developed the “KSRI Industry Brunch” an open co-creation format targeted at senior managment level of industry stakeholders of the institute (~15 regular participants). Planned and moderated the event, adapted the offline format to the web during the Corona pandemic. Development of new user-centered formats at the intersection between the Karlsruhe Service Reserach Institute (KSRI) and IBM DACH (later all industry contacts). Presentation of the formats to IBM and KSRI. Planning, implementation and establishment of the KSRI-Industry Brunch - a regular format where company representatives (e.g. IBM, BOSCH, EnBW) co-create together with KSRI members on different topics.

My contributions

  • Needfinding
  • Ideating and development of multiple formats
  • Conceptualization, planning, implementation and moderation of the Industry on Campus event