I am Benedikt, working on the digitalization of Germany’s government by building digital services at the DigitalService.

As a product manager, I’m working together with the government on digital services, always providing new perspectives through an iterative, digital, product, and human-centric mindset. Right now I am part of the team that creates the so called “Digitalcheck”, trying to foster an environment that helps policymakers write digital-ready policy.

Before that, I was a public sector consultant. My journey in government started as Tech4Germany product fellow prototyping a chatbot and simultaneously providing the administration with an easy to use chatbot-checklist together with my team.

In 2020, I graduated from the information engineering and management master program at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with a love for design thinking (human-centric, technology inspired, viability focused, problem solving), a solid foundation of a product/service management approach, as well as a realistic digital and data-driven mindset.

Originally, I am from a small village in the southern part of Germany - but since then, I have been living, studying, and working in the US, several German cities, and Estonia.

You normally find me contributing to projects at the intersections of technology, humans, and nature. Doing so, I am normally the person that mediates between different backgrounds to reach a common goal, enabled by my generalist mentality and a continuous learning mindset.

Graduating from an IT focused high school, then continuing with a bachelor in global business management, to carry on with a master that embraces the digital information and servitization economy, trained me to always consider various perspectives. A skill set that proofed itself useful in various sectors and working engagements (automotive, mechanical engineering, consulting, and until today: government).

As I am a strong advocate of the power of teams, that yield from the diverse backgrounds of their members, I thrive to enable and empower others to face challenges together. You will most likely hear me emphasizing on a thorough team setup, proposing to start by understanding the users’ needs, asking tons of questions, recommending design sprints, and always reminding everyone to not forget about the synthesis. You are welcome to reach out if you want to hear more about my design thinking journey, need a facilitator, reflect on the state of the digitalization of Germany, or talk about the climate crisis and its effect on the forest.

You are still reading? Then you might as well contact me. Otherwise, you can follow me on LinkedIn for my professional network.

And in case you wondered - beliebig is a random joke that was not intended by my parents, although I find it quite handy. To get it, you must understand German (Hint).